Cyber nations

The idea of a cybernation or micronation is not a new phenomenon and it dates back to early 19th century. Closely linked to the nation-state, not micronations but cybernations are historically linked to the development of world wide web and spread of internet. Most micronations appeared as challengers to the estab­lishment, sovereign nation states. 
Some­times, simple personal reasons such as disputes over local taxes triggered crea­tion of such micronations, sometimes with a population of one or a family.
In various geographies, micronations have been created on tiny islets, in a farm land, on a platform, and so on. Some of these became real state like entities issuing passports, minting coins etc. Important thing is that the line between a modern sovereign nation state and those aspiring micronations is not always clear and easy to draw. Some mini states such as San Marino are not so different than some of those aspiring micronations, some with serious territorial claims and numerous followers (or citizens).

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